Football is the number 1 sport in Germany!

 The German team is the leading European football power of all time and a world reference.

The creation of Team Germany

Since its creation in 1908 with its first match against Switzerland, the German football team has brought discipline, power, reliability, a team always at the top of all the championships of the king's sport.  The German football team was champion of four World Cups; 1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014, and European champion at the Euro in the years 1972, 1980, 1996.Its first international tournament developed in the Stockholm Olympics of 1912

 where "Die Mannschaft" of the debut falls in the first round. In the first decades of its history its future efficiency was not really predictable. His first major ranking was at the 1934 World Cup where the team would finish in third place. From that moment on, sporting circumstances are linked to politics; the Third Reich in Germany, the 1936 Berlin Olympics, World War II and the separation of the two Germanys until reunification in 1990.


The Federal German team

this reunification, the East German national team became part of the selection for the Federal Republic of Germany. For this reason, the history of the Federal German team reflects the history of the whole of Germany with the interstice of the years in which it was divided. FIFA and UEFA have recognized that the former East German Football Association (Deutscher Fußball-Verband) will be absorbed by the DFB, the German Football Association. You can read our report on the interesting history of the selection of the DDR, the German Democratic Republic during the years of the Eastern Bloc, so we invite you to visit their history to complete this column

It is also surprising that the greatest triumphs of the German football team took place during the Iron Curtain era, when there was great rivalry between the two types of states: the communist and the liberal democratic. We should reflect on rivalries in the sports field knowing that the two blocs competed not only on the playing field during matches but also in the propaganda machinery. In football as in politics, it can be said that West Germany has achieved all the successes.

Team Germany in the World Cup

We will list the record of the German team in the World Cup and the European Nations Championship, where we will include the victories, their participation in the semi-finals and finals. This will give us a reliable description of the great competitive strength and performance of La National Mannschaft in the most important competitions in the world.



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