Qatar 2022 Qualified

April 4, 2022, twenty-nine teams have qualified for the Qatari World Cup. The draw for the first round of the final phase took place on April 1 in Doha. At this stage, three places are still vacant, the last European play-off, Ukraine-Scotland (semi-final to face Wales, ticket at stake) and two other intercontinental involving teams from the qualifications in the confederations of North America, South America, Asia and Oceania, remaining to be contested in June.

The 31 places will be allocated to the 6 FIFA confederations. The number of registered teams and qualifying places per confederation is as follows: AFC (Asia) - 46 teams - 4 or 5 qualified (in addition to Qatar) CAF (Africa) - 54 teams - 5 qualified CONCACAF (North America, Central America and the Caribbean) - 35 teams - 3 or 4 qualified CONMEBOL (South America) - 10 teams - 4 or 5 qualified OFC (Oceania) - 9 teams - 0 or 1 qualified UEFA (Europe) - 55 teams - 13 qualified The qualified teams come from the continental elimination phases (disputed in groups or/and direct elimination, with possible play-offs). Only the team of the organizing country, Qatar, is exempted from the preliminary phase and is automatically qualified, which is no longer the case for the defending team since the 2006 edition.


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