Qatar 2022: the World Cup of all spending records

 The 2022 World Cup is highly anticipated. Four years after the success of the French team in Russia, the various qualified nations arrive with the same objective: to lift the World Cup. Even if many players have won national titles, even the Champions League, the world title with the selection is the biggest goal for a professional player, a holy grail, a personal achievement. For this year, playing in December could reshuffle a lot of cards. Unlike the other World Cups that punctuate the summers of football fans, playing this World Cup in the middle of the season should allow players to arrive in optimal shape.

In 2018, for example, Neymar had run out of form due to a foot injury, but that did not prevent him from competing well on an individual level. Moreover, according to football bets available online, Brazil is one of the big favorites for the title with odds of 6.25, just behind France, world champion in 2018. But overall, all players will be , barring a last-minute injury, at the peak of their form, enough to offer thrilling matches! Only problem on the board, the national calendars are very tight and there will be no friendly match to get in the leg. It will therefore be necessary to count on the meetings in October to make the final adjustments and establish a complete list for the breeders. To establish all the infrastructure around the 2022 World Cup, Qatar has taken out the printing press to finance the construction of stadiums but also all that is welcome and hospitality. As the various media report, more than 200 billion euros have been invested. Among these 200 billion, there are 140 billion for metro lines, tunnels, bridges and various wastewater treatment plants and new new towns. A total of 3.7 million visitors are expected in 2022, the equivalent of twice the country's population. Note that Qatar has decided to apply a different pricing policy for locals and workers. Indeed, while tourists will have to pay between 61 euros for a ticket and 1422 for the final, Qatari residents and migrant workers can buy tickets for less than 10 euros. Thus, the Qataris will have privileged rates to see this World Cup, already so decried.


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