Qatar 2022: Unheard of in the draw!

 Fourteen. Only 14 of the 32 nations scheduled to participate in the 2022 World Cup are currently known. In addition to Qatar, the host country, Brazil and Argentina in South America, South Korea in Asia as well as France, Germany, Belgium, England, Serbia, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Croatia and the Netherlands have indeed won their qualification.

Eighteen tickets remain to be filled and this while the draw should take place in only three weeks in Doha. And for the first time in the history of the World Cup, all the qualifiers will not be known when the eight groups of the group stage are drawn up. As a result of the war in Ukraine, the play-off semi-final between Scotland and Ukraine has been postponed to June, as has the final against the winner of the confrontation between Austria and Wales. Two other qualifiers will be missing. The two intercontinental play-offs will only be played in June, in a single match. The 5th of the qualifiers from the Amsud zone (currently Peru) will face the Asian play-off, while the 4th from Concacaf (currently Panama) will be opposed to the winner of the qualifiers from the Oceania zone. These uncertainties are not without consequence. In particular on the composition of the hats to be made up for the draw. A composition based on the FIFA ranking. Third, France is thus guaranteed to be in the first hat, along with Qatar, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, England and Spain. But what about the team that will emerge victorious from the play-offs concerning Wales, 20th in the FIFA rankings, Ukraine, 27th, Austria, 30th, and Scotland, 40th. While the first three named could inherit Pot 3, Scotland cannot claim better than Pot 4.


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