Qatar 2022: change historic?

The long-awaited draw for the 2022 World Cup, scheduled for April 1, could offer the first group in history without any European selection.

Remember the "scandal" denounced by the Italians before the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Fifa had put together a hat of Europeans for the draw, but with 9 selections, and the Nazionale had been drawn to switch to another pot (to fall into a group with England and Uruguay). And this, while it was France which was the worst European nation at the time of the draw and which could have been excluded from the European hat Since the Russian World Cup in 2018, all participants are now placed in 4 hats according to the Fifa ranking. Simply. This did not prevent Brazil and Argentina, seeded, from falling on two European opponents in their pool (respectively Switzerland and Serbia and Iceland and Croatia). We are still waiting for the first group in the history of the World Cup without any European team and it could be for April 1 in Doha A chance in the draw for Qatar! Three non-European countries will be part of the seeded hat in the 2022 World Cup draw, since Qatar will accompany the best selections, including the France team. The Sele├žao and the Albiceleste can avoid the big European nations of pot 2 by falling on the United States and Mexico, before challenging African and Asian qualifiers installed in the last two pots. The Qataris, besides Team USA and El Tri, can also come across Uruguay. Before 2014, in addition to the seeded hat, the other teams were distributed geographically, with one or even several groups of Europeans. In 1966, there was a "Latin Europe" pot (France was with Portugal, Spain and Italy) and "Europe". In 1958, we even had Western European, Eastern European and British hats. In 50, France had been drawn in a group of 3 with Uruguay and Bolivia but forfeited, leaving the Uruguayans to beat the Bolivians to advance to the final round. And become world champions.


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