Qatar 2022: The 20 teams already qualified in FIFA WORLD CUP QATAR 2022

South America Zone: Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay North and Central America Zone: Canada Asia Zone: Qatar (host country), Iran, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia Europe Zone: Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Serbia, England, Switzerland, Netherlands

Qatar 2022: Canada has its visa for Qatar 2022 World Cup

 With 28 points, the Canadians, crushing (4-0) Jamaica, are more than ever at the head of the group. They can no longer be caught by the 4th, Costa Rica, which has 22 after its victory in El Salvador (2-1).

The United States, easy winners of Panama (5-1), thanks in particular to a hat-trick from Christian Pulisic who scored two penalties, are second. And Mexico, which won (1-0) in Honduras, remains third. They each have 25 points, or three more than Costa Rica, which also has a general goal difference (the first criterion in the event of a tie, the best attack coming second) which is very unfavorable compared to that of the Americans (+13/+3) and a little less unfavorable, but difficult to fill, compared to that of the Mexicans (+7/+3). It would therefore take a fairly large victory for the Costa Ricans against the USA on Wednesday, combined with a fairly large defeat for Mexico against El Salvador, to see them climb to 3rd place thanks to the “goal average”. A scenario that is difficult to imagine for Costa Rica which will most certainly finish 4th in this phase. This position does not prevent Costa Ricans from continuing to believe in their star, because it is synonymous with an intercontinental dam to win a ticket for Qatar.


 Given the physique he displays at 37, Cristiano must not taste beer very much. However, the pressure, he drinks it greedily, sporting deadline after sporting deadline, in club as in selection. And when it comes to facing Turkey on Thursday (8:45 p.m.) in the semi-finals of the qualifying play-offs for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the barometer is panicking.

The Portuguese people are once again counting on their indestructible captain to bring the Seleçao to the World Cup, most likely the last of his career. The kind of context that pushes him to perform at the highest level. But in case of defeat, will "CR7" stop on a failure? A GLOBAL HONOR LOOK TO BE SEARCHED Cristiano Ronaldo declared himself "totally" focused, in order to "put Portugal back in its rightful place". Since the resounding feat of Euro 2016, Fernando Santos' men have neither shone in the game, nor passed the round of 16 of an international competition (excluding the League of Nations). Leaving on a series of bad marks in selection, culminating in a non-participation in the World Cup (Portugal has been in all competitions since Euro 2000) would be harmful for a player of the Mancunian ilk . This kind of champion, with an almost immaculate track record, obsessed with records and titles, cannot imagine going out the back door. And if the native of Madeira does get a ticket for a last World Cup, it will serve his selection as much as his own story. Because he deserves it, his baroud, with the spotlight of the entire football planet on him for a last world tournament. A story around a career, it is written. And it takes a good fall. It is also, in part, for this reason that he returned to Manchester United. And this fall is all the more beautiful to write that the context of these dams is somewhat "Ronaldesque". A SITUATION AS HE LOVES THEM Because the thrill rises in Portugal. Always a little higher along the spine of the Seleçao supporters, as the bad news falls. For several weeks, the packages are linked. That of Renato Sanches first, then Ruben Dias, Pepe Monday, and Ruben Neves and Anthony Lopes have since closed the march. "We should not give too much importance to those who are not there. (...) We have confidence in all those who have been called to replace them", tempered Diogo Jota in a press conference. But the defensive sector took a hit. Portuguese journalists know it, supporters too. And it is with this reduced squad that the Lusitanians will have to get rid of Turkey then the winner of North Macedonia - Italy (Thursday 8:45 p.m.). In this context, this tension then sets in before a major international event. In 90 minutes, a nation can turn into joy or deep disappointment. Blues fans old enough to remember 2010 and 2013, or old enough for 1993, know those moments all too well. Ronaldo loves them. "It would be very sad not to reach our goal, the World Cup. But I think we will be there," said the former Madrid player. He is confident, and for good reason.

Qatar 2022: the Tahitian team qualified for the semi-final

 After Vanuatu, it is the turn of the Cook Islands selection to be affected by Covid-19. The two teams are forced to leave the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 OFC Qualifier which benefits the selections of Tahiti and the Solomon Islands which are automatically qualified for the semi-finals.

Bis repeated. After winning their first match against Vanuatu on green carpet due to Covid-19 in the Vanuatu selection, the Tahiti team has just learned that they will not be playing their match against the Cook Islands scheduled for Sunday either because of positive cases among Cookian players. These numerous positive cases in the selections of Cook and Vanuatu force these two teams to leave the qualifying tournament for the World Cup, thus allowing Tahiti and Salomon to qualify for the semi-finals. It is therefore without playing a single match that the Tahitian selection learned this afternoon of their qualification for the final stages of the tournament which will take place from Sunday March 27th. It remains to be seen who will finish at the top of group A. To find out, we will have to wait for the meeting scheduled for March 24 between the only two teams still in contention in this group, Tahiti and the Solomon Islands. The match will be broadcast live Thursday from 3:55 a.m. (Tahiti time) live on TNTV. In the other group, it is currently the teams of New Zealand and Fiji who occupy the lead after winning their first match, respectively against Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia.

Qatar 2022: the list of Italia

 Italia has just announced the list of those called up for the semi-final of the play-offs counting for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar against North Macedonia. Roberto Mancini notably trusts the two Parisians Gianluigi Donnarumma and Marco Verratti.

On the other hand, the Italian coach preferred not to call Mario Balotelli, yet back in shape with Adana Demirspor. The boss of the Squadra Azzurra, European champion last year, opted for the solution João Pedro, scorer of Cagliari.

Qatar 2022: Preliminary Competition Decisions

 After consultation with UEFA and the participating member associations, the Bureau of the Organizing Committee for FIFA Competitions today took important decisions regarding the European play-off qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ .

On March 3, 2022, the Ukrainian Football Federation wrote to FIFA requesting that their play-off match(es) be rescheduled due to the impossibility of organizing their travel and train in the current context. After consulting UEFA and the four member associations competing in the “A route” of the European zone play-offs, it was unanimously decided to accept this request in a spirit of solidarity. Thus, the match between Ukraine and Scotland, scheduled for March 24, is postponed to the June international window, as is the meeting between the winner of this match and that of Wales – Austria. In the context of an already very busy schedule, it was however decided to maintain the match between Wales and Austria on the scheduled date (March 24) in order to limit the repercussions on the matches of the competitions already scheduled during the window. June International. The teams concerned are currently looking into alternative fixtures to be played during the March window. Information on rescheduled fixtures will be announced in due course and the June window in the international match calendar will be amended accordingly for affected teams once details are finalized. Furthermore, following the decision taken jointly with the UEFA Executive Committee to suspend Russian teams from all FIFA and UEFA competitions until further notice, the Bureau of the Organizing Committee of FIFA Competitions has also decided that Poland will automatically qualify for the final of route B, where they will face the winner of the match between Sweden and the Czech Republic.

Qatar 2022: Poland in the play-off final, to the chagrin of Sweden

 Following the decision of February 28" suspending Russian teams from all Fifa and UEFA competitions, Poland will face directly the winner of the Sweden-Czech Republic confrontation on March 29, indicates the world body. Fifa chooses in passing to ignore the appeal filed a few hours earlier by the Russian Federation before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), asking in particular for the suspension of the sanction and therefore the reinstatement of Sbornaïa in the race for the Qatari World Cup.

By ruling out the scenario of a three-way tournament between Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic, or the repechage of another selection for the play-offs, the body also favors the Poles, a choice immediately denounced by the Swedish Football Federation. "The most reasonable and sportingly fair thing would have been for Poland to have a new opponent in the semi-finals," said federation president Hakan Sjöstrand. "We understand that this is a difficult puzzle for Fifa to solve, but nevertheless the principle of playing under the same conditions, that is to say playing and winning two competitive matches to reach the final phase of the World Cup, should apply," he said. The Swedish coach, Janne Andersson, also denounced a decision "completely insane from a sporting point of view", even if he welcomed the exclusion of Russia because of the invasion of Ukraine. "Having said that, we are fully focused on preparing for the match against the Czech Republic. We want to go to the World Cup and will do everything to get there," he added.

Qatar 2022: Unheard of in the draw!

 Fourteen. Only 14 of the 32 nations scheduled to participate in the 2022 World Cup are currently known. In addition to Qatar, the host country, Brazil and Argentina in South America, South Korea in Asia as well as France, Germany, Belgium, England, Serbia, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Croatia and the Netherlands have indeed won their qualification.

Eighteen tickets remain to be filled and this while the draw should take place in only three weeks in Doha. And for the first time in the history of the World Cup, all the qualifiers will not be known when the eight groups of the group stage are drawn up. As a result of the war in Ukraine, the play-off semi-final between Scotland and Ukraine has been postponed to June, as has the final against the winner of the confrontation between Austria and Wales. Two other qualifiers will be missing. The two intercontinental play-offs will only be played in June, in a single match. The 5th of the qualifiers from the Amsud zone (currently Peru) will face the Asian play-off, while the 4th from Concacaf (currently Panama) will be opposed to the winner of the qualifiers from the Oceania zone. These uncertainties are not without consequence. In particular on the composition of the hats to be made up for the draw. A composition based on the FIFA ranking. Third, France is thus guaranteed to be in the first hat, along with Qatar, Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, England and Spain. But what about the team that will emerge victorious from the play-offs concerning Wales, 20th in the FIFA rankings, Ukraine, 27th, Austria, 30th, and Scotland, 40th. While the first three named could inherit Pot 3, Scotland cannot claim better than Pot 4.

Qatar 2022: the World Cup of all spending records

 The 2022 World Cup is highly anticipated. Four years after the success of the French team in Russia, the various qualified nations arrive with the same objective: to lift the World Cup. Even if many players have won national titles, even the Champions League, the world title with the selection is the biggest goal for a professional player, a holy grail, a personal achievement. For this year, playing in December could reshuffle a lot of cards. Unlike the other World Cups that punctuate the summers of football fans, playing this World Cup in the middle of the season should allow players to arrive in optimal shape.

In 2018, for example, Neymar had run out of form due to a foot injury, but that did not prevent him from competing well on an individual level. Moreover, according to football bets available online, Brazil is one of the big favorites for the title with odds of 6.25, just behind France, world champion in 2018. But overall, all players will be , barring a last-minute injury, at the peak of their form, enough to offer thrilling matches! Only problem on the board, the national calendars are very tight and there will be no friendly match to get in the leg. It will therefore be necessary to count on the meetings in October to make the final adjustments and establish a complete list for the breeders. To establish all the infrastructure around the 2022 World Cup, Qatar has taken out the printing press to finance the construction of stadiums but also all that is welcome and hospitality. As the various media report, more than 200 billion euros have been invested. Among these 200 billion, there are 140 billion for metro lines, tunnels, bridges and various wastewater treatment plants and new new towns. A total of 3.7 million visitors are expected in 2022, the equivalent of twice the country's population. Note that Qatar has decided to apply a different pricing policy for locals and workers. Indeed, while tourists will have to pay between 61 euros for a ticket and 1422 for the final, Qatari residents and migrant workers can buy tickets for less than 10 euros. Thus, the Qataris will have privileged rates to see this World Cup, already so decried.

Qatar 2022: change historic?

The long-awaited draw for the 2022 World Cup, scheduled for April 1, could offer the first group in history without any European selection.

Remember the "scandal" denounced by the Italians before the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Fifa had put together a hat of Europeans for the draw, but with 9 selections, and the Nazionale had been drawn to switch to another pot (to fall into a group with England and Uruguay). And this, while it was France which was the worst European nation at the time of the draw and which could have been excluded from the European hat Since the Russian World Cup in 2018, all participants are now placed in 4 hats according to the Fifa ranking. Simply. This did not prevent Brazil and Argentina, seeded, from falling on two European opponents in their pool (respectively Switzerland and Serbia and Iceland and Croatia). We are still waiting for the first group in the history of the World Cup without any European team and it could be for April 1 in Doha A chance in the draw for Qatar! Three non-European countries will be part of the seeded hat in the 2022 World Cup draw, since Qatar will accompany the best selections, including the France team. The Seleçao and the Albiceleste can avoid the big European nations of pot 2 by falling on the United States and Mexico, before challenging African and Asian qualifiers installed in the last two pots. The Qataris, besides Team USA and El Tri, can also come across Uruguay. Before 2014, in addition to the seeded hat, the other teams were distributed geographically, with one or even several groups of Europeans. In 1966, there was a "Latin Europe" pot (France was with Portugal, Spain and Italy) and "Europe". In 1958, we even had Western European, Eastern European and British hats. In 50, France had been drawn in a group of 3 with Uruguay and Bolivia but forfeited, leaving the Uruguayans to beat the Bolivians to advance to the final round. And become world champions.