Belgium already in Qatar 2022!

 For the first time in history, a World Cup will take place in the middle of the season in 2022. And for good reason, the championships will be put on hold in December to make way for the World Cup in Qatar, a unprecedented experience that thrills the majority of breeders. This is for example the case of Roberto Martinez. For the Belgium coach, the organization of a World Cup in the middle of winter will allow players to be in top physical shape. This is not always the case during the World Cups in the middle of summer, when the players come out of a grueling season.

“There are always complaints because players have to respond to national team call-ups when they are tired. I think in Qatar we will see the best World Cup or the best international tournament ever. Physically, the players will then be at their best level,” said the former Everton manager in an interview with the BBC, before continuing. “At that time, in December, we are a few weeks away from the start of the season and the players will not have more than a thousand minutes on the clock. It's the perfect time to let them evolve into the national team "analyzed Roberto Martinez, delighted with the organization of this World Cup in the middle of December. For the players as well as for the supporters, this timing is unprecedented and there is no reason for it to alter the show. On the contrary, if we follow the theory of the Belgium coach, convinced that the players will be physically fresher and therefore more able to offer a spectacle to the spectators.


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